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Add a new filing service with consistent pricing automated filing, and automatic customer confirmations

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Filing Services and Beneficial Ownership Information

The BOIR filing industry is estimated to bring in $8 billion in revenue for CPAs, Law firms, and filling services in 2024 alone thanks to the new 2024 mandatory filing requirement that affects over 34 million small businesses across the nation. With new business growth and mandatory refiling requirment the industry stands to generate an additional $3 billion every year that follows. Filing services are now presented with an additional opportunity to increase their revenue while costing them little in time, effort, and maintenance.

With ComplyBOI's White-Labeled Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting (BOIR) software filing services offers an automated solution to this new small business filing requirement. Our automated process is virtually hands free, has one low flat price, and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while you file BOIRs in the background.

White-Label BOIR Service

Add an additional filing service that matches your brand and is customizable to meet your needs.

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    Brand Your BOIR Form Utilizing ComplyBOIs BOIR software you can brand your BOIR form landing page to meet your needs. Place your logos, branding, custom messages, pricing, and information on your White-Labeled form.
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    Custom Subdomains for Your BOIR FormCustomize your subdomain name to match your current branding, or create an entrily new business specificlly for BOIR filings.
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    Know When You've sold a FileComplyBOI automatically notifies the filing service when a client has used their form to file a BOIR.

Automate The Entire BOIR Filing Process

Let your BOIR filing service run virtually by itself with ComplyBOIs reporting software

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    Client Led FilingClients can complete their entire BOIR filing through your White-Labeled form. Our step by step process is easy to follow, has redundancies in place to catch incomplete filings, and allows clients to upload all the necessary documentation.
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    Automatic BOIR Filing Confirmations Clients receive automatic confirmation messages from your branded email when they file their BOIR, when their BOIR has been accepted, and when FinCEN issues a filing transcript giving the feeling of exceptions customer service, and reliability.

Drive Traffic To Your BOIR Form

Utilize existing customers or run adds to drive traffic to your White-Labeled BOIR form.

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    Sell BOIR Filings to Existing CustomerUtilize your previous and existing customer base by sending an email to clients outlining this new BOIR filing requirement and dirrecting them to your form with a link.
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    Organic ReachUtilize the organic traffic your filing service already generates by placing the link to you White-Labeled form right infront of your customers.
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    Generate New TrafficDirect traffic to your BOIR form through ad trafic on Google, X, Linkedin, Reddit, or anywhere else ads can be ran.

Why Choose ComplyBOI as Your BOI Software?

We provide top level customer service, improve our product daily, and offer unbeatable pricing.

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    One Flat Per BOIR Filing FeeComplyBOI provides BOIR filing services with no monthy cost, no annual cost, no subscription and no hidden fees. Pricing for ComplyBOI is $50 per filing whether you file 1 or 10,000 BOIRs. Right now CompylBOI is onboarding new firm at a rate of $25 per filing. New fims will be grandfathered into this pricing.
  • Expidited Time To MarketComplyBOI's Business Support Team can have your firm up in running in less then 24 hours. You can start processing BOIRs as soon as your White-Label is live.
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