BOIR Filing Software For CPAs

Add a new service offering, reduce overhead, and increase firm revenue.


CPAs and Beneficial Ownership Information

CPAs are perfectly positioned to capitalize on a new mandatory filing requirement that affects over 34 million small businesses across the nation. Almost every small business is now required to comply with beneficial ownership information reporting thanks to the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), presenting a golden opportunity for your firm to expand its services and revenue streams. ComplyBOI provides you with the tools to handle all your beneficial ownership information reporting needs.

With ComplyBOI's White-Labeled Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting (BOIR) software firms can maintain their branding while offering a new service to their clients. This software reduces the workload on you and your team while costing you a single flat per file fee.

File BOIRs With Ease

File beneficial ownership information reports direct to FinCen with multiple filing methods.

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    Hand File BOIRsCollect client beneficial ownership information through your BOIR Firm Dashboard then file directly to FinCEC through that same dashboard. Reduce human error, required manpower, and organize BOIR filings all in one place.
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    Client BIOR FilingsFunnel clients to your White-Labeled BOIR via distributed links or through your website. Clients can upload all their information and pay on the spot! You never have to touch the report!
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    Direct BOIR Filing to FinCENAll BOIRs are filed directly to FinCEN with our API integration. BOIR filing transcripts are provided directly to the client and accessible by the firm on the BOIR firm dashboard.

White-Label BOIR Service

Present clients with your logo and maintain your branding.

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    Brand Your BOIR Form Customize BOIR forms with your personalized message, branding, logos, footers, links, and pricing. Maintain consistency with your brand with ComplyBOI's White-Labeled BOIR software
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    Utilize Your DomainWith ComplyBOI's BOIR filing software your firm can link to your BOIR form utilizing the domain you already have. Continue to build trust with your current clients while building brand recognition with new clients.
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    Send Confirmation Email With Your BrandingWhen you clients submit their BOIR filing they will receive a confirmation email as well as follow up emails when their filing has been accepted, and when a transcript is available. With ComplyBOI's BOIR filing software your customer will receive all these confirmations automatically from your preferred email with your domain.

Why Choose ComplyBOI as Your BOI Software?

We provide top level customer service, improve our product daily, and offer unbeatable pricing.

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    One Flat Per BOIR Filing FeeComplyBOI provides BOIR filing services with no monthy cost, no annual cost, no subscription and no hidden fees. Pricing for ComplyBOI is $50 per filing whether you file 1 or 10,000 BOIRs. Right now CompylBOI is onboarding new firm at a rate of $25 per filing. New fims will be grandfathered into this pricing.
  • Expidited Time To MarketComplyBOI's Business Support Team can have your firm up in running in less then 24 hours. You can start processing BOIRs as soon as your White-Label is live.
  • Client and Firm BOIR Filing ConfirmationsBoth client and firm receive White-Labeled confirmation upon filing their BOIR. That means firms have visibility to the clients that are filing, and clients feel taken care of by you and your firm.
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